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Will My Social Security Benefit Be Reduced Or Taxed? [Flowchart]

Social Security is a significant and welcome guaranteed income source, even for affluent retirees. Whether your benefit is reduced or taxed depends mainly on five items:

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Do I Have To Change My Health Insurance When I Retire?

Health is the #1 ingredient for a happy retirement. And healthcare options for people approaching retirement can be confusing. This is especially true for those 

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Scholarships and the Gift of Education

Harvest Advisers provides scholarship funding at Fort Washington and Philadelphia schools-

We recognize the immense value of kids having access to robust educational opportunities. It opens doors to future possibilities. But for some families in Pennsylvania, that opportunity is out of their financial reach. 

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What to Ask When Your child Moves Home

Facing heavy college debt burdens and an unpredictable job market, many young adults today are returning home to live with their parents. In fact, according to a recent study by the Pew Research Center, more than 32 percent of young adults lived with their parents in 2014—more than lived alone or with a spouse or partner. 

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Is It Too Late to Begin Saving for Retirement?

You are 45 years old and it dawns on you that your college days are looking further and further in your review view mirror and you can see the exit sign for retirement not too far down the road. As you sit down at your kitchen table to really assess your overall financial situation, you begin to ponder the life and financial mistakes you have made. You wonder to yourself, “Should I even bother trying to save? Is it too late for me begin saving for retirement?”

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What Is the Best Way to Merge family Finances?

When you get married and take your vows, it goes something like this. I take you to be my lawful wife/husband/partner, to have and to hold, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, until death do us part. It does say for richer or poorer, but unfortunately many couples across America just don’t spend time discussing money when they get married.

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Financial New Year’s Resolutions: Using Tech to Stay on Track

The New Year is symbolic in many respects. It gives you a chance to start fresh and set some goals that can improve your life in ways large and small. But if you’re like many people, familiar resolutions like “lose weight” or “go to the gym” slowly fade into darkness by mid-February, leaving you feeling disappointed in yourself.

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3 Tips to Start 2017 on the Right Financial Foot

With the new year ahead of us, many people are making their New Year's Resolutions. If your New Year's Resolution is to be better at saving money and tracking your financial progress then you'll want to watch the tips in this video blog. I quickly cover three ways to start the New Year strong by taking a hard look at your finances and really look at what you want to be saving versus what you actually are saving.
Find out why 2017 should be the year you:
  • Focus on only one or two goals at a time
  • Add to your retirement plan
  • Get rid of extra billing
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Fact vs. Fiction: Passing on Your Family Business


It will be simple to pass my business onto my family so they can continue to grow my legacy.

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