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To Pay or Not to Pay: How to Survive a Ransomware Attack

Imagine this: You open an e-mail that seems to come from Google, prompting you to click a link to reset your password. But when you click, a mysterious .exe file downloads and launches. Slowly, all the files on your desktop turn into white paper icons, and the names of all your files turn into scrambled nonsense.

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Deleting Sensitive Information? Don’t Rely on Your Recycle Bin

Computer forensic experts are a lot like paleontologists—the scientists who study the life of past geological periods. Paleontologists have never unearthed a full dinosaur skeleton. But, by examining just a small sample of scattered bones, they’ve been able to figure out the skeletal structure of hundreds of dinosaur species.

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Online Scams: How to Protect Your Wallet This Holiday Season

With the holiday season upon us, the spirit of giving is in full swing! Buying gifts for loved ones and making charitable contributions is what the holidays are all about. Unfortunately the online shopping landscape can be a minefield as scammers come out of the woodwork to take advantage of your generosity.

Online scams are unfortunately common, and especially so at peak times in the retail calendar.

According to the latest consumer research, we are expected to spend approximately $117 billion online this holiday season. It's a good time to be vigilant when hunting down those killer deals or parting with your personal information so that you can avoid identity theft or credit card fraud.

Here we'll take a look at some of the most common holiday scams and what you can do to protect your identity and your wallet.

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Fact vs. Fiction: Identity Theft and "Going Green"


"Going green" for banking and bill payment will put me at high risk for identity theft.

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Avoiding Tax-Related Identity Theft

If you’re not thinking about your taxes yet, you should be—identity thieves certainly are.

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